Decorating Tips Every Design Enthusiast Should Know

  1. Stock Up on Essentials Before Choosing Your Palette

When decorating a space, many people start by committing to a palette. But Richard Petrie, interiors expert at Thomas Sanderson, recommends putting this step off until much later in the process.

“Don’t choose your color scheme before you move in,” he says. Instead, stock up on essentials—like rugs, upholstered furniture, and more—and let them inform your palette.

  1. Layer Different Light Sources

No room is complete without a light fixture. In fact, according to many designers, no room is complete without at least three light fixtures.

“Many people don’t pay enough attention to their lighting,” Amy Bell, interior decorator at Red Chair Home Interiors, says. “Living rooms and bedrooms should have at least three light sources in addition to the overhead light.”

  1. Put a Focal Point in Every Room

Statement-making pieces can take a home from simple to striking, but snag too many, and you may overwhelm your space. One rule of thumb to follow? Put a single showstopper in every room.

“Create one design focal point, like a fireplace surrounded by large format tiles, a gorgeous stair carpet runner, or a kitchen tile backsplash,” Nichole Abbott, interior designer at FLOOR360, says.

  1. Stray From the Trends

Trends can be incredibly tempting. But talk to any designer, and you’ll hear the same advice: Focus on what you love—not what everyone else loves.

“Don’t follow trends. They come and go,” Alice Chiu, principal at Miss Alice Designs, says. “If you keep it simple and decorate with items you love, your space will stand the test of time.”

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