How we Manage

We craft successful and impressive homes through our meticulous attention to detail, allowing Imperial to evoke the full power of creation.

Competent Management

Every project we undertake receives personalized attention from a dedicated team. Led by a seasoned and innovative project manager, our team includes passionate interior designers, diligent site engineers, and efficient team coordinators, ensuring meticulous oversight at every step.

Material Selection

We stand by using the best raw resources found in the market. We choose products that are high-quality, certified, and adhere to industry requirements. We ensure that our materials are continuously inspected by Design Avenue’s in-house experts to ensure and guarantee our projects' vision and delivery.

Project Management

Design Avenue has a team of experts who are motivated and committed to managing unique projects. Through the leadership of our well-experienced project managers, the client’s vision is consistently delivered and attained in every project we manage.

Qualified Team

Exceptional outcomes need exceptional staff. The foundation of Design Avenue is built on a team of highly skilled and seasoned individuals who go above and beyond to meet your expectations, contributing to the overall positive and efficient atmosphere of the workplace.

Client Management

Relationship development and client management go hand in hand, and at Design Avenue, we place a high priority on keeping our customers satisfied. At every stage, we interact with our clients and value their input to ensure client satisfaction through each phase of the project.

Project Delivery

A project's successful conclusion is a joyful one. We guarantee that the project will be completed on schedule, within budget, and meeting scope. Design Avenue has a wealth of expertise allowing us to complete projects successfully on a variety of assignments in a timely manner.

Dedicated Plan

The foundation for implementing a successful project is a committed plan. At Design Avenue, we ensure that everything proceeds as expected and is disclosed to the client. To create and carry out any specific plan, we have teams with specialized expertise for each phase along the journey.

Approval Management

At Design Avenue, we make sure to get approval whenever it's required. This guarantees that the projects run according to the required needs with consent from the clients, site engineers, and project managers. It also keeps our valued clients updated about the project's direction.

What we Do

With our impeccable home interior and exterior solutions, we're reshaping design paradigms, crafting exceptional concepts, and transforming spaces across the United Arab Emirates. Our mission is to fuse practical design with captivating patterns and colors, optimizing space usage and infusing interiors with a renewed sense of style.


As a luxury interior company in United Arab Emirates – a country which has become synonymous with trend setting and ground-breaking style – we understand the importance of creating functional spaces, while radiating warmth and comfort. For our design team, details are all-important, as we realise, build-on, and amplify the vision initially expressed by our clients. No item is too small – we know that the smallest specification, such as a door handle, light switch, or curtain rail can contribute something to an overall aesthetic which reflects what it is we are trying to achieve in the realm of best interior design in the UAE. Mirroring those goals are a focus on sustainability and awareness of ecological factors. This can take the form of the use of local materials, even reflecting the traditions which give a region a design-distinctiveness, reusing existing furniture or fittings, recycling materials and utilising vintage objects, which fit seamlessly into a re-imagined space. Finding the right balance between colours, shades and tones and the right use of lighting, both natural and artificial, we’re able to stimulate the senses through décor, creating psaces which are feast for sight, sound and touch.


Tips For Picking the Perfect Curtains

Welcome to Word HeightHeight is easily the most important factor in selecting curtains. A curtain should extend well past your window, and land just above the floor. And for a more traditional style, give them an extra inch of fabric to drag along the floor. Pro tip: if you want to make your ceilings look …

Tips for decorating your bedroom

But if you want something more tactile when exploring how to decorate your bedroom, you can take clippings out of lifestyle and interior design magazines. Creating a mood board is an effective way to narrow down your colour and pattern preferences before you commit to anything Instead, you’ve got to understand your layout’s strengths and …

Interior Design Tips to Elevate Your Kitchen

Color-coordinate the outlets.Local building codes often state that there must be an electrical outlet every 4 feet in the kitchen. White outlets are seemingly the color of choice for electricians — and therein lies the bane of my design existence. With their glaring contrast, white outlets in a nonwhite backsplash detract from the beauty of …

Basic Principles of Interior Design

Clutter is the enemy of all good interior styling. While it’s tempting to display every piece of decor that takes your fancy, interior stylists know how to edit. If in doubt, we follow the Coco Chanel rule: “Take one thing off”. (We know she was talking about fashion, but the point still stands!). Clearing the …

Decorating Tips Every Design Enthusiast Should Know

When decorating a space, many people start by committing to a palette. But Richard Petrie, interiors expert at Thomas Sanderson, recommends putting this step off until much later in the process. “Don’t choose your color scheme before you move in,” he says. Instead, stock up on essentials—like rugs, upholstered furniture, and more—and let them inform …

Stages of Space Planning in Interior Design

Efficient space planning ensures a visually stunning and inviting home that functions seamlessly. The process involves several stages: In the pursuit of an ideal living space, the often-overlooked art of space planning emerges as a vital element of interior design. It is the linchpin that ensures a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality, optimizing every …

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    Design Avenue is considered as one of the top professional interior fit out company in Dubai, UAE. We are a leading interior fit-out firm in Dubai UAE, providing turnkey solutions, well established in United Arab Emirates.

    Fire Alarm & Firefighting Systems

    Our expertise in fire alarm and firefighting systems, along with a firm dedication to safety, ensures thorough protection for your property and the people within it.

    Ducting Works

    Our skill in ducting work, combined with a careful focus on managing airflow, establishes an environment where comfort and efficiency harmonize seamlessly.

    Electrical Works

    Our expertise in electrical work, paired with a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, guarantees that your electrical systems are skillfully installed and maintained at the utmost standards.

    Customized Furniture

    Our dedication to creating tailor-made furniture, enriched with personalized design touches, cultivates a space that mirrors your individual style and personality.


    Our commitment to landscaping, enhanced by nature-inspired colors, nurtures an environment that encapsulates the feeling of being enveloped by verdant greenery and natural splendor.

    Joinery Woodworks

    Design Avenue is celebrated for its outstanding woodworking services. With a meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to top-notch craftsmanship, Design Avenue turns wood into breathtaking works of artistry.


    As your design partner, Design Avenue will ensure that your interior space receives the requisite attention and is tailored to fulfill your specific requirements.


    Design Avenue offers an extensive array of interior and exterior fit-out services in Dubai. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, we assure the quality and precision of our workmanship.

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    Our Team

    Our team of architects collaborate to focus on improving the functionalityof your property by optimizing the space.

    Rafat Jebril

    Rafat Jebril

    Managing Partner

    Jamal Maragha

    Jamal Maragha

    Senior Designer

    Imad Kordab

    Imad Kordab

    Managing Partner

    Last project

    Snapchat Office - Jordan

    Our most recent venture in interior design highlights the accomplished transformation of the Snapchat office in Amman, Jordan. This project serves as a quintessential example of a modern, dynamic workspace, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. From vibrant design elements to collaborative workspaces, each detail has been meticulously curated to elevate the overall employee experience.